You have weight loss goals. We provide smart, effective options.

The AspireAssist® is a reversible non-surgical weight loss procedure that is clinically supported to help patients lose three times more weight than only diet and exercise.1 This comprehensive program includes The AspireAssist® device, nutritional guidance, and an online community to achieve the maximum weight loss results. Be in control of your weight loss with the AspireAssist® approach.

Why AspireAssist®?

The AspireAssist® offers a revolutionary approach to weight loss by allowing you to remove 30% of food you eat directly from your stomach through a small tube. This 15 minute non-surgical procedure is performed through twilight sedation, generally allowing patients to be out on their way within 2-hours after their visit. The aspiration process takes only about 5-10 mins and should be performed 20-30 mins after eating in the privacy of a restroom, making The AspireAssist® a simple and effective solution to reducing calorie intake.

How AspireAssist® Works

  • Non-Surgical — The AspireAssist® Program is non-surgical and completely reversible after you reach your weight loss goal.
  • Non-Anatomy Altering — The AspireAssist device is placed during a 15 minute procedure under twilight anesthesia. This innovative technology begins with a small tube that is placed in the stomach and connects to a discreet button on the abdomen. After each meal, patients will connect a hand held device to the button allowing them to dispose 30% of food intake directly into the toilet. It will remain in place for as long as the patient desires to keep losing weight.
  • Out-Patient Procedure — Placing the AspireAssist® is a 15-minute outpatient procedure, most patients will return home within 2 hours of their visit. After achieving the desired results, the AspireAssist® can be removed during a 10-minute procedure.